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new beginning

It was a good run, but the run is over.

I’ve always loved music! From a very young age I had music flowing inside of me. I remember in third grade begging my parents for a drum set. My mom one day told me she would get me a snare drum if I’d join the band in school and learn to play the instrument. I was so bummed, ’cause I didn’t want to waste time learning to play drums in the school band, I was ready to sit down behind the kit and start my career as a rock and roll drummer.

Well, my mom won, I joined band in fourth grade and I never looked back. I fell in love with the drums and with making music. I played through the rest of grade school, all through Jr. High, landed the first chair position my freshman year in high school, and stayed there all four years. I received a full-ride scholarship to college for the drums, and the funny part, I ended up playing other instruments way more often in college than I did the drums.

I felt God calling me into music ministry, I had dreams and high hopes of putting a group together and traveling all around the country singing in churches. In fact, at one point I actually had put a group together and had started to do a little traveling around Arizona. But, God had a different plan for my life and He moved me into the ministry as a worship leader/pastor.

Over the years I’ve served thirteen different churches as either a part-time or full-time worship pastor. I’ve gained some amazing experiences and seen God do some amazing things and for that I am, and will be, eternally grateful.

In 2009, things started to turn a bit for my ministry. I was laid off from a church I was serving in Mesa, AZ. I was devastated, hurt, and questioning God. God however, was still leading us and opened the door at a church in Gilbert, AZ where I was on staff for the next ten months until I was once again laid off. My next assignment was a church in Apache Junction, AZ for another ten months where I was yet again laid off from the third church in less than two years.

Over twenty years in full-time ministry…was over.

I found a part-time position at a church in Glendale, AZ and after only being on staff there a few months, the senior pastor resigned. Knowing how the church world works, I immediately began searching for another place to work. God opened a new door, for another part-time ministry opportunity at a church in Mesa, AZ. That position lasted a short time and then I found myself being hired as the Interim Contemporary Worship Leader at CrossRoads Nazarene Church in Chandler, AZ.

I have been here as the Interim Contemporary Worship Leader for 2 1/2 years, but my assignment here has come to an end…and along with it so has my career of being a worship leader/pastor.

My last Sunday leading worship will be Sunday, August 2.

After 28 years of being a worship leader, I am now transitioning into a new chapter of life…

I am joining the team at Emblem Healthcare as a Chaplain. I am actually very excited about this change, and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will accompany this position. I am also grateful that I will still be involved in ministry. I believe with all my heart that I will feel a great sense of fulfilment and that what I will be doing will make a lasting impact on the lives of those who I touch.

Worship has always been, and will always be, a big part of my life and I am thankful that I was able to do what I loved for a living for all these years.

I’m forever grateful and thankful for such a wonderful wife and my amazing kids who have stood beside me and supported me this entire time. I love you all and I thank the Lord in Heaven for you all the time!

Thank you to all our family and friends who have lifted us up through these years. We would not have made it without your support, gifts, encouraging words, prayers, and most of all your never ending love.

I am indeed, forever grateful….



My oldest daughter (by literally 4 minutes) has applied to be a volunteer at a local hospital this summer. She had an interview this past Saturday morning. After the interview my wife, my daughter and I were talking about how the interview went, and discussing some of the questions they asked her. One of the questions they asked her was, “who is your role model?”

And my daughter answered, “my dad.”

When she said this, I played it off by saying something like, “you should maybe think about setting your sights higher for a role model.” But inside my heart immediately felt two rather strong emotions…

My first emotion was INTENSE PRIDE! Not the wrong kind of pride, but pride that my daughter thinks I’m someone whom she can look up to, count on, strive to be like, love, admire…yeah, it was way cool. And even though I tried to play it off, what I really wanted to do was literally jump up and down and scream with joy as a parent! Honestly!

My second emotion was INTENSE FEAR! Fear that my daughter thinks I’m someone whom she can look up to, count on, strive to be like, love, admire…yeah, it was way scary. Am I worthy of of such an honor? Am I “role model” material?

I’m not really sure about being role model material, but one thing I do know, I love my daughter (and all my kids) more than life itself—and to think that even just one of them thinks I’m someone they may want to model their life after—makes me incredibly proud as a parent…and incredibly scared all at the same time.




Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a big fan of coffee!


Last Friday I posted the above picture on Instagram/Facebook with the caption, “#SadDay – I’ve been stretching out my @starbucks gift cards, but sadly today brought my balance down to $0.00. 😦 #sigh”

I can honestly say when I posted this picture, I never dreamed of what would happen later in that same day!

Early that afternoon a friend of mine from back in our LifeChurch East Valley days, Devin, sent me an email…with a Starbucks gift card attached. He didn’t want me to have to go without…I’m wondering if he remembers how I get when I don’t have my coffee…Hahaha!

Later that same afternoon, I get another email from my friend, Jerry, right here at CrossRoads Nazarene…and he too sent me a Starbucks gift card!!

I could not believe this happened…not only once, but twice in the same day. It’s just proof of God’s Love for me (and the great friends He’s blessed me with), even in the small details of life.

Today, I paid it forward, even if it was just a little bit…as I paid for my Tall Italian Roast brewed coffee, I also paid for the coffee of the person behind me in line. I was sneaky and did it without the person even knowing I had done it. I grabbed my coffee ran over to put cream and sugar in it (faster than I’ve ever done it before I might add…as I wanted to get outside before the person realized what I had done), and just as I was about to get out the door, the person yells across the store, “thank you, sir.”

I tell that part of the story, not because I’m patting myself on the back, but to remind us ALL that when God reigns down blessings, even the little things in life like a Starbucks gift card, we should always do our best to pass those amazing blessings of a God who loves us more than we could ever even truly imagine or understand on to others around us.

Enjoying this cup of java this morning as I write this blog post!


Get out there, and do something nice for someone today!!!


Today I was looking back over some of my blog stats. One of the most read blog posts I’ve had over the life of this blog is from several years back. It was titled, “You Are The God of My Story…”

I just re-read the blog post…

It brought tears to my eyes…

It speaks to me personally right now…

It’s almost like I wrote that blog post way back then just for me to read today…

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