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I am thankful for LOVE – for without it, life would not be the same.

the love of my wife…
the love of my kids…
the love of my family…
the love of my friends…
the love of my God


Love makes a difference……so make a difference in someone’s life!



Today I am very thankful for my father. He’s hanging out with Jesus today, and I miss him very, very much, but I’m still so very thankful for him. He worked long and hard for his family, he loved his kids, he was always there for us. He loved his coffee…I wonder if that’s in my genes since I love my coffee. The end of his life here on earth was marked with unimaginable back pain, I honestly don’t know how he got through a single day. Though I miss him here on earth today, I know that he is no longer in pain, he’s no longer bound to a wheelchair, he’s footloose and fancy free. Here’s to you dad!


I love you, dad!


Today I’m thankful for my mom! She’s the best mom anyone could ever ask for. She always took care of us as kids, and she still takes care of us today as adults. She’s loving, caring, kind, and a very Godly woman. She inspires me, encourages me, and challenges me on a regular basis. Oh, and my mom is better than your mom!!!


I love you, mom!


I love good food, it’s one of my “happy places.” One of my most favorite things to do in life is going out to a nice restaurant and enjoying a nice meal. I don’t get to do it very often (since I can’t afford it), but when I do, it makes me very happy, happy, happy!  😉

Recently we went to one of my favorite places and I had this amazing dish (pictured below), and I’m not going to lie, for several days after this meal when I’d think of how wonderful it was, I would get a big smile on my face…yep, it was a “happy place.”


White Fish, Sea Scallops, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, in a Savory Tomato Sauce!!!
from Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert, AZ
Absolutely AMAZING Dish!