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lake house

Life was good.

A small quaint house filled with things she loved. A view of a beautiful lake surrounded by towering pines and majestic mountains. She loved sleeping with her windows open allowing cool gentle breezes and aromas of pine needles to loft into her bedroom.

A good job that allowed her a slightly more than modest income. Some travel, but not so much that it became tiresome. Every couple of years even required dusting off her passport for a trip to Australia, South America or Europe.

She lived alone. However, she wasn’t alone. There was a certain special someone in her life. He was somewhat in the public eye and liked to keep a very low profile when it came to his personal life—so it was never something she talked about with her friends.

A business trip coming up in a few weeks, she’d been planning for just the right words and time to invite her special someone along. Alexander was rather simple when it came to his food, he loved meat and potatoes and that’s just what Amanda had planned for dinner. The table was set with a rustic, yet beautiful centerpiece, candles, a wonderful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the heart of Napa, and she had Nora Jones all cued up.

Amanda was a bundle of nerves. She worried she would come off too pushy. She expected him any minute, but the minutes continued to tick by, no knock at the door.

The meal had long grown cold, the bottle of wine unopened. Amanda still at the dining room table. It was okay she told herself, she was happy with her life, no one even knew about Alex. Maybe this was better, saving her the embarrassment of having her invitation rejected.

Pessac, France: sitting in a cute bistro—enjoying an incredible cheese plate and a glass of table wine from a local vineyard—Amanda found herself thinking of what could have been if Alexander would have joined her…

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”, said a dark haired, handsome Frenchman.




It had been snowing steadily all day long. Cooper couldn’t wait to get home, finish his dinner, grab Spike’s leash (it’s a cliche name), and go for a walk in the extreme peacefulness that comes after a dense fresh snowfall.

Tonight’s walk seemed quieter than normal. No one was walking, no sounds coming from the nearby park, the streets were empty. It didn’t bother Spike, his nose was hot on the trail of something or other, even given the deep snowpack. His senses were alive and well. It didn’t seem to bother Cooper either, he was rather enjoying the quiet after his long, exhausting day.

It wasn’t bothering Cooper—until—Spike froze in his tracks, ears perked, hair standing straight on his back. Spike didn’t move, but began looking in all directions, his nose trying to catch a scent, his tail no longer wagging.

Cooper too began to look around, realizing as he’d been walking enjoying the quiet of the night, he’d lost his sense of direction. He had strayed off the main path. He was in a dark place, dimly light, the bright moonlight all that filled the night sky.

The hair on the back of Cooper’s neck now standing, his heart began to beat faster, his breathing became shallow.

Turning around—trying to get Spike to move, Spike began to growl. At what, Cooper did not know. He didn’t see or hear anything or anyone, but Spike…he knew something Cooper didn’t.

Spike flenched, ever so subtle, with an even louder growl that turned into a hushed sort of bark—Spike moved forward pulling Cooper with him. Spike had spotted what had caught his attention, and with all his might he tried to free himself of Cooper’s grip. He wanted nothing more than to protect his master from this predator that lurked in the darkness.

Out of nowhere Spike leaped forward pulling Cooper to the ground. Cooper screamed a little in shock, then felt the rush of blood running to his fingers. A squirrel jumped from one tree to another—Spike pointed with his nose, his tail now wagging with great excitement.


One of the blogs I follow does something I find intriguing and I’m going to attempt to do the very same thing on my blog.

Short Stories.

I am not a writer.

I don’t expect to write anything profound.

I’m doing this as an exercise for my mind, my creativity.

Feel free to read my short stories.

Feel free to never look at another “short stories” post again.

The only rule, each story MUST be less than 350 words.

Here goes:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


The Sunrise

He was up early to watch the sunrise. He always did this. It was the best part of his day.

In mid summer, the sun rose early. The sky was a pale blue as the sunlight began to illuminate the ocean. Bright oranges and yellows followed, as the rays from the rising sun warmed his face.

The waves came ashore gently, constant, yet variable in speed and frequency.

He walked along the beach, as was his custom, taking in the peace and tranquility of the morning stillness. Seagulls, the only noticeable noise other than the waves now splashing his bare feet.

As he approached the bend around the next cove, he knew it would more than likely mean the end to his peaceful morning.

Walking up to his deck, his phone lie on the table. He did not want to pick it up, yet instinctively his hand reached for it, and without any thought his fingers moved across the device and quickly brought the screen to life.

His eyes skimmed over the little red circle with a rather large number indicating how many unread emails were already waiting for him at this early hour. His eyes however did not stay focused on that number, but quickly moved over to another red circle with the number one in the middle. Only one unread text message awaited him. His calm and peaceful morning was indeed coming to an end.

He poured himself a cup of coffee and buttered some toast. This small, quick meal—if you can call it a meal—may be the only nourishment his body will receive until his return home later that night, maybe early tomorrow morning.

As he backed his SUV out of his driveway, knowing the day that he was now facing, his thoughts went immediately to the next glorious, calm, peaceful sunrise…that he hoped he’d live to see.

As the sun peaked on the horizon, the smell of salt water permeating the air, a cool breeze blowing off the water, the ocean waves once again splashed on his bare feet.