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I am very thankful for the blessings of my guitars.



I have this friend who’s a worship director. He and his wife are buying their first house and they are selling some stuff looking to help build up their down-payment.

I am looking to find a second acoustic to have on stage for those times when you break a string and need a back-up guitar to grab and continue with the worship service.

My friend is selling this beauty:

Breedlove D25-SRe

So, who wants to help us out???

Maybe you’re in the market for a new acoustic guitar, if so, let me know and I’ll get you two connected…

…or maybe you wanna help me out and send me some cash so I can buy this guitar, help my friend, and get my secondary acoustic I’m in need of. 😉


This Sunday is my first Sunday at our new church, Baseline Christian Fellowship. I’m excited for what God is doing in our lives and His plan for us!

Worship Setlist
Friend of God / Your Grace Is Enough / Beautiful One / Our God / The Stand / Revelation Song

Worship Gear
Taylor 614ce / Genz Benz Shenandoah 60LT / Shure SM58

Let’s Do This!!!


So it turns out, I may have actually had my backup acoustic in my house this whole time!

Yesterday after leaving the music store disappointed, my son, Zach, reminds me that I have this amazing 1972 Ovation acoustic (no electronics either)—which I LOVE and LOVE to play. So, if I’m thinking of putting electronics in that Epi EJ 200, why not put electronics in the Ovation…which I already own!


Here’s a pic of that guitar:

Thanks to my friend, Kevin Miller, who’s forgotten more about guitars than I’ll ever know…I’ll get to try this out. He happens to have a pickup laying around and he’s going to let me give it a try and see how it works. I’ll admit, I’m just a little excited about this!!!


I’m in need of a backup acoustic guitar. This new church isn’t really the best fit for me on electric guitar. I’m finding myself on acoustic more and it seems like that’s where I’m going to be for the most part. I only have one acoustic (a Taylor, and yes I love it), and at some point in the near future, I’m gonna pop a string…probably on the opening song of the set, and I’ve got no acoustic guitar to fall back on.

I don’t really have any extra cash laying around at all, so I’m looking for something really inexpensive. This past week, I stumbled upon a small music store (I’ve never seen before)  just around the corner from my house. I stopped in and played an Epiphone EJ 200, that I got very excited about, because it was only $375, but it played like a much nicer instrument. Very nice action, full tone, and beautiful, here’s a picture of it…

…I was beginning to think that God had dropped this amazing little guitar right in my lap. Then I realized it had no electronics, which means I can’t use it. Bummer! 😦

Today my son, Kyle, needed a couple pairs of drum sticks, so we dropped back by this little music store. I once again played that guitar, talked to the owner about putting in a pickup. He quoted me some prices – and it put me out of my price range. So I asked him what was the best deal we could work out, but he had no interest at all in playing that game. So, I walked out of the store leaving that amazing find of a guitar behind.