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Here’s a random, extremely true thought…

I am so grateful that God chose ME to be the father of these TWO AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, TALENTED, SWEET girls. That’s all for now…




My mom is better than your mom….well, at least in my mind she is. I’m sure your mom is a great one too, but I absolutely adore my mom! She’s always set a good example of what it means to be a Christ Follower, she always put her family’s needs in front of her own. She’s loving, caring, giving, kind, compassionate, and yet she always knew how to give a good whipping to her kids when they were misbehaving (or at least that’s what my siblings tell me…I received very few spankings cause I was such a great, well-behaved, wonderful child).

Anyhow, I thought I would post this just a few days ahead of Mother’s Day…just ’cause she’s so cool she deserves extra recognition. So, happy Mother’s Day, I love you mom with all my heart!



My oldest daughter (by literally 4 minutes) has applied to be a volunteer at a local hospital this summer. She had an interview this past Saturday morning. After the interview my wife, my daughter and I were talking about how the interview went, and discussing some of the questions they asked her. One of the questions they asked her was, “who is your role model?”

And my daughter answered, “my dad.”

When she said this, I played it off by saying something like, “you should maybe think about setting your sights higher for a role model.” But inside my heart immediately felt two rather strong emotions…

My first emotion was INTENSE PRIDE! Not the wrong kind of pride, but pride that my daughter thinks I’m someone whom she can look up to, count on, strive to be like, love, admire…yeah, it was way cool. And even though I tried to play it off, what I really wanted to do was literally jump up and down and scream with joy as a parent! Honestly!

My second emotion was INTENSE FEAR! Fear that my daughter thinks I’m someone whom she can look up to, count on, strive to be like, love, admire…yeah, it was way scary. Am I worthy of of such an honor? Am I “role model” material?

I’m not really sure about being role model material, but one thing I do know, I love my daughter (and all my kids) more than life itself—and to think that even just one of them thinks I’m someone they may want to model their life after—makes me incredibly proud as a parent…and incredibly scared all at the same time.