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California is in an EPIC drought, they are desperate for rain…

It’s finally raining there today/this weekend…

This morning I heard a news reporter doing a bit on the “Red Carpet” of the Oscars (happening this Sunday night) and he closed his report by saying these words, “Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the rain doesn’t hang around until Sunday night so all the ‘Stars’ won’t get soaked walking the Red Carpet.”


I’d say the MUCH NEEDED rain is way more important than the “Red Carpet”. But then that’s just me…and who in the world am I???



Have you ever had an impulse buy?

On our recent vacation to San Diego, I had one of those impulse buys. We were shopping on Coronado Island (one of my fav new places to be) and we were in a bike shop when my son stopped me and said, “Dad, look up.” I did and immediately fell in love…ended up buying and having this shipped home (it arrived today—and I love it)!