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Honoring ALL who served / gave their life for our FREEDOM!

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Have you ever had an impulse buy?

On our recent vacation to San Diego, I had one of those impulse buys. We were shopping on Coronado Island (one of my fav new places to be) and we were in a bike shop when my son stopped me and said, “Dad, look up.” I did and immediately fell in love…ended up buying and having this shipped home (it arrived today—and I love it)!



This past week we took a short, but amazing, family vacation to San Diego, CA. We went to Seaport Village, Old Town San Diego for dinner, Sea World, a beach on Coronado Island, Mission Beach, then back to do some shopping on Coronado Island. I was posting pictures on Instagram to all of my interested followers (all 2 of you), so you could keep up with our escapades.

Then, Instagram stopped working, I could no longer update my feed, nor could I upload any photos. This frustrated me, but it frustrated my son, Kyle, even more. Being on vacation, we were disconnected from news and didn’t know what was going on around the country. All we knew was, we wanted to post pictures on Instagram…and we couldn’t.

The next day, I read a friend of mine’s post on Twitter about how sad it was that a very bad storm did so much damage and even took several lives and the fact that all people can do is complain about Instagram not working.

Now I had no idea about the storms—and those who lost loved ones as a result of those storms—and after reading my friend’s post I was feeling guilty about complaining Instagram was down. I even thought to myself, thanks for making me feel bad…then I realized a truth.

Truth: we live in a “me” world.

We are a very self-centered, selfish bunch of people here in America. We are blessed beyond measure with all the amazing things we have at our fingertips…and yet, when we don’t have a simple little thing like Instagram available, we do indeed complain about it.

Lay aside the sad news about the storm and the terrible results this past weekend, we should learn to think and be a little more about others and not so much about “me”…just something to think about.

Thanks to my nameless friend for causing me to think about this.

Oh yeah, here’s some of those photos for you to enjoy:

Seaport Village

Sea World


The Beach on Coronado Island

Mission Beach

Sun rays at Mission Beach

Toms Shoes on Mission Beach (cool shot if I say so myself)

Star & I, looking at an amazing view at Mission Beach

Sunset at Mission Beach

An impulse buy on Coronado Island (my new “fixie” bike)