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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Whatever happened to athletes just being okay with being the best they could be all on their own?

Without the help of poking themselves with needles full of magical serums?

It’s come to a point where you can’t even get excited about an athlete doing great things in their sport—WITHOUT—questioning if they are doping!

It is sad, just so sad!



I am one of those guys who almost always either has a beverage in my hand, or at the least, one near by. And a lot of that time, it’s of a Starbucks variety.

I’m addicted!

Yesterday was like most days, I stopped by Starbucks in the morning and picked up my usual. Then a little before the evening service made a return trip to pick up another, this time a Quad Vanilla Latte. Spent almost $10 at Starbucks yesterday!

I’m addicted!

Recently I was having a talk with my son, Kyle, about his spending habits, because he has been spending lots of money on coffee, watches, shoes, clothes, etc…I did not realize I would be re-living that same conversation with myself so very soon.

But alas, last night while laying in bed not able to sleep I was thinking about how much money I waste on my addiction. I ran the numbers in my head and was blown away by it. So I made a decision that I am going to stop going to Starbucks! And today is day one!

I’m addicted!

I’ll still probably have a beverage in my hand or near by most of the time, in fact today I have one I’m drinking right now. I stopped by, not at Starbucks, but at good old Circle K and picked up a .78¢ thirst buster…hey, at least it’s way cheaper. 🙂

Yep…still addicted!