A Fork In The Road

In February of 2013 I was hired as the Interim Contemporary Worship Leader at CrossRoads Nazarene Church in Chandler, AZ. I knew from the get go that this would probably not turn into a permanent ministry assignment.

A couple of weeks ago, I was informed that my Interim position here at CrossRoads was coming to an end and I was given a 90 day notice and I must say, I am very grateful for the amount of notice they have given me here at CrossRoads.

Well, after 2 1/2 years of sending resumes — non-stop to churches all around this great country…and literally only having one church show any interest in me — I am coming to the conclusion that my time as a worship pastor/leader is coming to a close with this job ending.

That means, I’ve come to a “fork in the road” and I feel I must make a change in where this pathway of life takes me…

I have one idea of what I would like to do and it is something that would bring a great deal of fulfillment and purpose to my life. However, if that does not work out…I honestly have no idea at all as to what I will do for a living.

And that’s where all of my family and friends come in. Would you all please pray that God would lead me, open doors, give me a sense of direction and provide for my family?

… thank you …

I will keep you updated as to what is going on in my job search.

Thank you so very much for your positive thoughts and prayers.


2 thoughts on “a.fork.in.the.road

  1. Tara

    Praying for you, John. As Kevin & I can attest to, sometimes having your world turned upside down and starting from scratch can be the best thing to ever happen to you. I hope you take the risk and do the thing that is your passion!


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