This morning I was chatting with our Facilities Director here at CrossRoads. We were talking about the “stuff” in life that we’ve both been going through. I was sharing with him that I’ve been struggling to understand why my wife can’t seem to find the job, that we are so desperate for her to find.

Then we went onto the discussion topic of an issue he was dealing with at the end of the year last year, and he told me something that a “senior saint” of the church told him…and I find it incredibly encouraging.

“Remember, God is very seldom working on just one thing at a time in our lives. Do not let your focus just be on the BIG issue at hand, but look around and see what else God is working on in your life.”

So, Lord help me see just what you are working on in our lives at this moment in time…help my focus to be broad and not narrow. Amen.


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