Some of you may know that my wife lost her job a couple weeks before Christmas. Bad timing, but what can you do about that?! She is looking, very diligently, for a new job and has landed a few interviews, but so far no job offers have come through, (your continued prayers for her are very much appreciated). In fact, she has another interview scheduled for this afternoon.

I was praying for her this morning and for this job interview, a few moments ago I sent her a text message just letting her know that I was praying for her…and I used a #hashtag at the end of my text message to her. She posted a blog recently about her Word for 2014 (you can read it by clicking here).

Her word for 2014 is #hope – and that’s the hashtag I used in my text message to her… #hope

As I sent this text message, I found myself thinking, how silly, I just used a hashtag in a text message. I also thought, how easily things creep into our life. We started using hashtags in Twitter, Instagram, now Facebook uses them…and apparently I have allowed them to creep into my text messages too…Haha!

It got me to thinking about how easily we allow “sin” to creep into our lives as well, and it reminded me that we have to daily guard our lives from the sneaky enemy of ours. For he wants nothing more than to destroy our lives, family, friendships, faith…

So remind yourself of this today, Jesus said, in John 10:10 that He comes to give us abundant life in Him. Today, don’t let sin creep into your life like I have allowed hashtags to creep into my text messages…cause the result is MUCH MORE detrimental to our eternal life. #BeGaurded


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