holding door open

I enjoy holding the door open for people when coming in or out of a store, building, or restaurant, etc.

I don’t do it because I think it makes me special or anything, I just do it because I enjoy doing something nice and simple for other people.

I don’t do it looking for those magical words, “thank you”, but it’s surprising how many people do NOT say thank you or thanks, or even give you a smile as a thank you.

This morning on my way into the office, I stopped at Circle K to pick up an iced beverage. As I was approaching the door, and young boy, probably a 4th or 5th grader had just come out of the store. He looked my way, saw me, stopped in his tracks, turned around, grabbed the door and opened it for me to go into the store.

I was very impressed by his kindness, and I made sure to say, “thank you very much.”

When is the last time you held the door open for another person? If you haven’t done it lately, you should make an effort to do it a few times…TODAY. Don’t look for a thank you, especially don’t say, “You’re welcome” to someone who didn’t say thank you to make them feel bad. Just do it…to do it.

Spread some love and kindness.


2 thoughts on “hold.that.door

  1. Martha

    I agree John! I too am a door holder. One day coming out of the post office, I held the door for a sweet, elderly woman who was moving very slowly and cautiously with a cane. She was so grateful I held the door for her, as if no one had been kind to her in a long time. We almost both cried! I know we were both blessed!


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