BEWARE: A rant is about to take place!

I can’t stand when people don’t follow the rules.

My daughters are both taking “A Hour” classes at school, and since my wife is NOT a morning person, that means I get to drive them everyday at 6am! Lucky me!

There are signs all over the place directing parents where they should enter the school, where the drop off zone is, etc.

Everyday, I have to deal with idiot parents who simply refuse to follow the rules.

I understand that there are students with special needs, who have permission to be dropped off in other zones at the school, I have no problem with them, and I’m not talking about them in this post.

I’m talking about that guy who has the oversized truck, with the oversized tires, the ultra high lift kit, you know, the one where a ladder drops down so you can get in and out of the vehicle…that guy who thinks he’s above everyone else…

That mom, who has the minivan full of kids that she’s picked up around the neighborhood, and thus feels justified in doing her own thing…

These people always stop right in the middle of the road, to drop off their kids, then they try and enter (with their oversized truck) THE WRONG WAY, going against traffic and making it difficult to get out of the school for THOSE OF US WHO FOLLOW THE RULES!

End of Rant!!!


2 thoughts on “follow.the.rules

  1. Debbie Martinez

    Floyd can relate driving the school bus. There are clear directions, marked w/signs, white pictures in the lanes, teachers/principals out in the parking lot directing and still, people go in the bus lane, the handicapped lane, everywhere but the “drop off” lane. They know, but they don’t care. That is the society we live in. It’s all about what is convenient for “me” and to hell w/everyone else! That’s my “rant” for the day!


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