Paul Waldecker and I have been friends for 21 years…WOW!

Recently he and I were chatting on Facebook when out of the blue, Paul mentions that we’ve been friends now for 21 years. It’s unbelievable that we’ve been friends that long. It certainly does not seem like that many years, am I getting that old?! I’m glad that even though we’ve been separated—living in different states for more years than we were together in Michigan—that we have remained close friends.

I’ve written another blog post that talks about Lifelong Friendships, but I’ve hesitated to post it for fear that it could be offensive to some people who I know. Maybe I’ll get the nerve to post that blog soon, but suffice it to say, lifelong friendships are far and few between…and I’m thankful that Paul and I have developed one of those rare relationships.

We met back in 1992. It was my second Sunday as the new worship pastor at Auburn Hills Christian Center, it was Paul’s first Sunday visiting AHCC. The next Sunday, Paul began playing bass for me, and we quickly became best of friends. He’s always been there for me, through thick and thin, in the good times and the bad. When I have needed a friend to lend a listening ear, Paul has always been there for me.

I am thankful to God for such a wonderful, open, and honest friendship…here’s to 21 more years Pauly!!!


One thought on “friends.for.21.years

  1. Jill Waldecker

    Woot! Woot! Thanks for being such a good friend to Paul, too, John. We are thankful for you and your family!


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