You gotta love those times when things happen that totally keep you humble…

Yep, had one of those moments today leading worship.

Opening song, had the capo on my guitar on the third fret. That was the correct position. Second song, I had the capo on my guitar on the third fret. That was the WRONG position. Seems like I completely forgot all about moving my capo down to the second fret (which was the correct position) for the second song.

The lead guitar player started the second song, which he did quite wonderfully well…a four bar lead line intro. Count one of the fifth bar, I join the mix with a solid F#m7 chord, volume pedal full on…all the way up…you know, loud as it goes…

It sounded absolutely horrible. I muted my guitar right away, my faced turned extremely red, I turned around to find my lead guitar player and bass player with very large smiles on their faces.

I adjusted my capo to the second fret, turned around and two bars later, hit the F#m7 chord with a vengeance and moved on…

A little more humble than when the song began.


Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is (Chris Tomlin)
Like A Lion (Kristian Stanfill)
Stand In Awe (Hillsong)
Never Once (Matt Redman)


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