I am not the speediest driver. I, more often than not, travel along right at the posted speed limit (sometimes I become a rebel and drive 5mph over).

This morning on my way into the office, I was driving (in the right lane – also known as the slow lane) at the posted speed of 45mph.

A young lady was riding my bumper—BIG TIME! She squeezed in front of another car in the next lane, floored the gas pedal and then proceeded to squeeze right back in front of me literally missing the front of my car by 4 or 5 inches.

Here is where I now find great satisfaction and a large smile upon my face…


At every subsequent red light, I pulled right back up on her rear bumper. Even though she continued to drive like a maniac by pushing her gas pedal to the floor at each green light, at the next red light, there I was once again pulling up right behind her.

Does anyone else find great satisfaction when this happens…or am I the only one?


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