I’m always looking around at other worship leader’s blogs. I’ve been leading worship for over twenty years, yet I still have much to learn. So, I’m constantly looking for new thoughts, new ideas, reminders of things I’ve learned before…but forgotten, or stopped using, etc.

Well, I found this list on one of those blogs yesterday, thought about them, agree with them, thought I’d share them here. I’m reposting from Worthily Magnify, a great blog from a guy named Jamie Brown, the Associate Director of Worship and Music at The Falls Church (Anglican) in Falls Church, Virginia.

There is so much good and helpful advice for worship leaders out there that I thought I’d try my hand at condensing it all down into 10 non-negotiables.

1. You are not the center.
2. You make Jesus the center.
3. Your priority is helping the congregation sing with faith.
4. You support your pastor.
5. You choose songs that are full of truth.
6. You use musicians who are gifted and have soft hearts toward Jesus.
7. You tailor the keys and arrangements of songs to serve the people in the room.
8. Your family comes first.
9. You’re never alone with someone of the opposite sex who isn’t your spouse.
10. You won’t ever compromise numbers 1-9.

May we be worship leaders who, at our core, love Jesus, love our congregations, and love our families.


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