Was just looking through the top 25 worship songs used in churches tonight (according to CCLI).

In one sense I feel good about myself / in another I’m a little concerned because I’ve done 22 of the 25 songs in the last year.  😉  Read the list, you’ll know what I mean.

Report Period 1011 – United States

Rank Song Title Author/s CCLI#
1 How Great Is Our God Tomlin, Chris\Reeves, Jesse\Cash, Ed 4348399
2 Mighty To Save Fielding, Ben\Morgan, Reuben 4591782
3 Our God Redman, Matt\Tomlin, Chris\Myrin, Jonas\Reeves, Jesse 5677416
4 Blessed Be Your Name Redman, Beth\Redman, Matt 3798438
5 Here I Am To Worship Hughes, Tim 3266032
6 Revelation Song Riddle, Jennie Lee 4447960
7 Everlasting God Brown, Brenton\Riley, Ken 4556538
8 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Tomlin, Chris\Giglio, Louie\Newton, John 4768151
9 Jesus Messiah Tomlin, Chris\Carson, Daniel\Reeves, Jesse\Cash, Ed 5183443
10 In Christ Alone Townend, Stuart\Getty, Keith 3350395
11 Your Grace Is Enough Maher, Matt 4477026
12 Forever Tomlin, Chris 3148428
13 Open The Eyes Of My Heart Baloche, Paul 2298355
14 Forever Reign Morgan, Reuben\Ingram, Jason 5639997
15 How He Loves McMillan, John Mark 5032549
16 You Are My King (Amazing Love) Foote, Billy 2456623
17 Holy Is The Lord Tomlin, Chris\Giglio, Louie 4158039
18 From The Inside Out Houston, Joel 4705176
19 Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) Baloche, Paul\Brown, Brenton 4662491
20 Shout To The Lord Zschech, Darlene 1406918
21 Come Now Is The Time To Worship Doerksen, Brian 2430948
22 The Stand Houston, Joel 4705248
23 Hosanna Fraser, Brooke 4785835
24 Lord I Lift Your Name On High Founds, Rick 117947
25 Glory To God Forever Fee, Steve\Beeching, Vicky 5384338

One thought on “top.25.worship.songs

  1. Tommy

    I don’t know if I’m 100% certain of what your getting at, but my first observation a few years ago was that the CCLI top 25 in churches reflects a “way behind the times” use of worship songs in our churches. Unfortunately, I’m assuming, if you measure all the churches that even attempt, what they consider to be, contemporary worship then you’ll find that many churches use 5-10 yr old songs as their top play list and that drags down the polling of churches in general. This may sound mean, but it would drive me nuts to be that far behind the movement of music in church worship.


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