I thought I’d do a post on who I think are the most important members of my team.

Some might say it would be the drummer, after all, they’re the one who keeps everyone locked in to time…

Others would say it’s the bass player, they lay down the foundation the chord structure is built on…

We should not forget the rhythm guitarist, they give us the strum pattern…

Or the lead guitarist, they scream out the intro lines…and the “octave” solos…

What about the keyboard player, those fat and juicy pads…

Ah, the vocals, they are the ones who give lyric to the melody…

But none of these wonderful, amazing people are the most important members of my team. Don’t misunderstand me, they are all vital and play a huge roll in the corporate worship experience. But these aren’t the most important players.

The most important member of my team doesn’t even step foot on the stage during a service (or at least we hope they never have to step foot on stage). My most important member, the tech team.

Yep, the tech team!

Let me explain…

You can have the most amazing band & vocals, but if the congregation cannot clearly hear what you’re singing/playing, or read the correct page of lyrics of the song you’re singing, or see what’s happening up on stage…they become spectators rather than participants in the worship experience. The tech team are the ones who tie what is happening on stage and the congregation together—truly creating the environment where we can have amazing, powerful, real encounters with the One, True, Living God.

Actually, everyone is equally important to creating our weekend worship encounters, but without the tech team—who by in large play a thankless role…until they make a mistake—we could never successfully put our services together.

Thank you, techies!


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