Yesterday while working at Total Wine, I had a customer come in asking about 2007 Vintage Pinot Noir wines. She was only interested in wines from this specific year. So I set out on the search to find her some…and I did. They were all over $45 per bottle, a few of them were up in the $80 range.

It was at this point that something I found rather funny happened…

She proceeded to pick up a $3.49 bottle of Double Dog Dare and walk to the register.



3 thoughts on “

  1. rebecca2000

    LOL I bet someone served it to her. Then when she liked it, told her it was good and told her what to ask. Then she asked and she didn’t like it THAT much.

    I have thought of having wine made with my logo on it. But as I don’t make money blogging, it would be silly.


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