I am blessed with amazing kids, and an amazing wife to mother them!

This post is to honor my wife’s greatness!

She loves them, cares for them, corrects them, laughs with them, cries with them, hurts with them, celebrates with them, teaches them, talks with them, she’s proud of them…and the list goes on.

This Mother’s Day will be tough for her, it is the first Mother’s Day since losing her own mother. But her mother lives on through my wonderful wife, after all, she is the mother she is today to my children because of the wonderful mother she was blessed to have influence her.

I know it may be tough for my wife to think of today as a “happy Mother’s Day”, but I hope and pray she feels the love I have for her, and the love our amazing kids have for her, and the fact that our daughters will one day be incredible mothers themselves because of the influence she is having on them now.

Happy Mother’s Day, babe, there is no one I’d rather have as the mom for my kids!



2 thoughts on “happy.mother’s.day

  1. Patricia King

    What an awesome gift to your wife, the mother of your children. Star is most certainly an amazing mother, I see it in her every time we are together! Happy Mother’s Day Star!


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