I stole this post totally from journeyofworship.com – I literally copy & pasted right into this blog (I even stole the image…I’m such a thief). Why you might ask, because it’s AWESOME! Read On…

1) Worship is a choice. A choice for each person present, including the leaders.

2) A worship leader can’t make someone worship. There isn’t a combination of songs, lights, volume, scriptures, or words that will make a person who doesn’t want to worship, worship.

3) Everyone who is on the stage is a leader. Maybe not the main leader, but everyone is setting an example and modeling either worship or not worship.

4) Worship is more than just a Sunday morning thing. If the only time you (as a worship leader) worship is in a corporate gathering, you’ve missed the point of worship. Go back and read Romans 12:1-2 for starters.

5) A worship leader can’t take a person/people into the throne room of God. Only Christ can do that. Our job is to create an environment/opportunity, remind people of who Christ is and the completed work of the cross, and point people to Christ. They then choose to follow or not follow, open their hearts and minds or not.

6) You can’t judge people’s depth of worship by only outward expressions. Not everyone is the same and not everyone will respond the same.

7) Worship leading isn’t about making yourself look good and showing off your musical chops. It’s about serving the body of Christ and helping the community express praise and adoration to God with all of who they are because of all of who He is. If people aren’t singing/participating, you may need to evaluate what you’re doing.

8)Keep your eyes open. If you’re not making eye contact with the group you are leading, then it’s hard to know whether or not they are following and participating.

9) Read. Read the Bible, read books about theology and worship. Read. Know God, who He is, and what He has done. This will do more for your ability to lead people in worship than practicing your instrument for hours each day. You can’t lead people somewhere you haven’t gone or to someone you don’t know very well.

10) Worship leading is as much, if not more, a pastoral function as it is a musical function. It doesn’t mean you have to be a “pastor”, but you’re more than a song leader.

11) Take time to learn. While methods change, biblical principles of worship and working with people don’t. Learn from those who have gone before.

12) How well you lead is related to how well you can follow. Can you follow and submit, not only to the Lord, but also to those in authority over you? They love and care for the body of Christ as you should also.

13) Know the people you are leading. Unless you end up as a traveling worship leader, get to know the group you lead regularly. The personal connection will enhance your ability to lead well. I was once challenged that instead of spending the last 10-15 minutes before a service starts sequestered away, be in and among the congregation talking to people building relationship. This goes for the whole team.

14) Worship should result in transformation of our hearts, minds, and lives. The same is true of those we lead. Is worship being carried out into daily life? Is the time we spend together with the Lord changing how we live and interact with others daily? Are our hearts becoming more like God’s because we’ve spent time with God? If you don’t see evidence of that, it might be that we are spending more time with ourselves than connecting with God through the avenue of worship.

15) Tell the story. Don’t just get up and sing a bunch of songs, but constantly tell the story of God, Christ, the cross, and His great love for us. Lead the people into the story and provide opportunity for them to respond wholeheartedly.


One thought on “15.proverbs.for.the.worship.leader

  1. jonathanthehymnsinger

    Friend, you and I would probably disagree, quite spiritedly I’m sure, about how a corporate worship service should look, but there is quite a lot to like about this post. Allow me a few comments.

    1) Worship is a choice, but we need to remember that everyone worships. They either worship the one true and living God, or they worship a God substitute. We need to make sure our services are directing them toward the former.

    3) I prefer to think of it this way – the whole congregation are performers in a sense and God is the audience. We may be leaders in a sense, but we are in a greater sense simply part of God’s congregation.

    4) Yes, and in fact there are many theologians who have suggested that the actions we take in a corporate service are not, in and of themselves, worship, because they demand so very little of us.

    9) This is the best one. There are so many people in positions of corporate worship leadership who don’t give a crap about all that “theology stuff.” If that is your position, you need to resign. Worship is, at its core, theological.

    Blessings to you, friend.


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