I have been a worship leader/pastor/director for over 20 years now.

It’s my life calling!

It’s what brings me joy/meaning/fulfillment/purpose in life.

It’s been a tough few years of ministry (I’ve been laid off 3 times over the past 3 years)! I SERIOUSLY can’t wait for the economy to turn back around!

Right now I’m working part time as a worship leader/director at Glendale Nazarene Church (and I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead God’s people into worship each weekend). I’m also working part time at Total Wine & More (hey you do what you have to do to get by).

Part of my job at Total Wine requires me to go out in the parking lot and gather shopping carts. I’m gonna be brutally honest here…it’s a very humbling experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, in NO WAY do I think I’m above getting carts. It’s just, here I am at 45 years old working for “not very much an hour” gathering shopping carts in a parking lot…it just seems so meaningless. Gathering carts has no impact on anyone’s life (other than making it easier for a customer to get a cart when they are ready to shop).

Part of me is saying, “Come on God, I could be doing so much more than this right now!”

Then I’m reminded of this…

God uses the weak to mess up the strong / He takes those who are first and makes them last, and those who are last He makes first / Pride comes right before you fall flat on your face / He knows what’s best for me, even better than I do for myself / He loves me…so very much that He sacrificed His One and only Son to pay the price of my salvation.

So who am I to question God about gathering shopping carts?

Later today as I go to work…and no doubt gather some shopping carts, God help me be the best shopping cart gatherer that Total Wine has!!!


4 thoughts on “shopping.carts

  1. Darrell

    Loved your blog post. Great encouraging word to allow God to work through your situation even when it is far from ideal. You and your family mean a lot to Reyes and I.

    1. Larry & Ellawena Tuton

      You had such an interesting post. My husband & I are retired from full time ministry. (39 yrs) & he also has a job pushing carts at Bashas in Sun City West. Many people that come into the store, request him to help them. So many people know him, that he doesn’t even know himself but they come in now & call him “Pastor or Father” & ask him to pray for them, & their needs. God knows & sees right where you are & has a plan for you. Who knows, you may be able to touch someones life even when you are pushing carts. Blessings to you & yours, We have been friends of the Fink family & have known your wife since she was a child. WOW, where has time gone?

      1. Debbie Martinez

        In one of the days in my devotions, it said we always praise God for the roses, but we never thank Him for the thorns. The thorns are what keeps us humble, keeps us dependent on God and and we realize there is a reason for the thorns, so we must thank Him for those too. The grocery carts must be your “thorns” for the season, and it’s just that, “a season”. I would venture to say my “thorns” have been my greatest growth in my life w/Christ and I always thank Him for the “crown of thorns” He bore for me so that my mind, heart, soul and spirit are at peace in those times:)!

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