I am coming to a realization that many churches/worship leaders are becoming more and more concerned with putting on a performance on Sundays instead of leading the church to a worship encounter with the One, True, Living God.

I do NOT want to go down that road, I want to lead people in worship!


4 thoughts on “performance.worship

  1. johnforbis Post author

    That could have something to do with it Jesse, but I think it could also be that many churches out there have got caught up in the whole “let’s have a better show than the church down the road” competition.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the lights, the video, the sound, the great bands…I just don’t like it when we forget about the fact that it’s more important that we bring the church (those in the seats) along with us into having an encounter with God, and we focus on having the best loops, intros, solos, and sound…

    It’s NOT about the ones on the stage…It’s about directing everyone to THE ONE!

  2. Theresa Howie

    Amen! With a church virtually on every corner, the music becomes an element of marketing. I understand why, but it sure feels like a threat to the worship to our audience of One.

    It was great to meet you yesterday!



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