Last night we decided to run to Arby’s for a quick dinner before the kids went to their young adult/youth service at church. We ordered our food and I tried to pay with my debit card. It would not go through. The young girl working the register called her manager over, who also tried to run my card, it would not go through. Next we tried Star’s card, it too would not go through. The manager mentioned that the error code she was receiving was one she had never seen before. They tried running my card through the drive through register and received the same unknown code.

At this point, I began to think something is wrong with our account and we will NOT be getting dinner at Arby’s tonight.

I ask Zach, my son, to try and run his card through. While his account is at the same bank, it is his own account and not connected with ours. His card as well received the same error code.

At this point, I’m apologizing to the manager and coming to the realization that we won’t be eating dinner here when the manager says to me, “We’ve already got most of your food ready now, I’m just gonna give your food to you tonight. I’ve never seen this code and I’m going to put a call into our IT department.” I thank her for her offer and decline, but she insists that we take the food.

After dinner I stopped by a gas station to fill up Star’s car with gas – my card worked just fine, I also stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items, my card again worked just fine.

My girls and I where chatting about it after and we decided that this was just God’s way of smiling on our family and letting us know that He is still with us and watching over our family during this time that I’m not working and looking for a church to serve at again.

It’s the small things, but they don’t go unnoticed, thanks God for caring for our family!


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