On Friday we got to take a trip into Seattle. We went to Pike Place Market, I got to visit “Mecca” as I like to call it, otherwise known as the original Starbucks location.



It was an incredibly sunny day so we also got to visit the Space Needle, it was amazing!

We had parked our car in a downtown area, and as we walked away, I did what I often do and whispered a prayer under my breath asking God to watch over our car while it was parked in this part of town.

Upon returning back to our car, my heart literally stopped when I saw this…

My very first thought was, oh great, someone popped our trunk. When I lifted the trunk lid, I honestly expected to see everything gone (and I’ll be honest, I didn’t care about the clothes and suitcases…my computer bag was in the trunk with my MacBook Pro, my iPad, and an iPod Touch)…but thank the Lord, everything was safe in it’s place.

I don’t think my heart rate returned to normal for a very long time!


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