I was looking through CCLI’s top 100 worship song list today, and I was honestly shocked at some of the songs on this list.

NOTE: before anyone starts hatin’ on me, I’m not saying I’m the authoritative figure in this post, I’m just stating “my opinions.”

#1 – Mighty To Save

Love this song, love the message, love everything about this song, I feel it’s worthy of being #1!

#2 – How Great Is Our God

This is still a great song…but EVERYBODY (including yours truly) has overused this song!

#3 – Blessed Be Your Name

Honestly surprised to see this song so high up on the list. It’s still a great song, and I’ve even done it within the last couple months, but surprised it’s #3.

#4 – Everlasting God

I think Tomlin’s version is too slow, and Brewster’s version is too fast, I fall in the middle tempo wise, but love this song!

#5 – Revelation Song

Another awesome song, well deserving of it’s top 5 finish.

First BIG shock of the list for me…

#14 – Shout To The Lord

Really?! According to CCLI’s users, this song is still coming in at #14? Great song, but #14? OK, you get my point.

Second (and even BIGGER) shock of the list…

#18 – Lord I Lift Your Name On High

All I can do is shake my head in amazement.

#19 – From The Inside Out

Is Lord I Lift Your Name On High really coming in ahead of From The Inside Out???

#21 – How He Loves

Should at least be in the top 10!

#33 – Glory To God Forever

If you don’t know this song, learn it!

#52 – Lead Me To The Cross

Yeah, it’s probably been done a little too much, but it should still be much higher on the list.

#58 – Marvelous Light

Another one if you don’t know you should learn!

#68 – I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

I guess we literally can. 😉

#95 – Healer

Yeah it was written by a liar, but if God can speak through a Jack Ass, He certainly can write an amazingly anointed song through a liar, don’t be afraid to use this song!

One song that was left off the list that should be on there (and even in the top 10 in my opinion)…

Your Love Never Fails!!!

One of my favorite songs to lead/sing/play!

What are some of your favorites?


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