I love coffee.

Drip coffee, Americanos, Iced Americanos, Carmel Macchiatos, you name it…I like it!

I’m also a big Starbucks fan, love getting coffee from there, working from there, and hanging out there. I even worked there as a barista for a while. Still have my “Barista” pin. 🙂

But recently I’ve been trying to stay away from Starbucks because I am spending way too much money there. (You can read about how this came about here.)

I’ll admit, I haven’t been doing all that well with staying completely away from Starbucks or even sticking with my goal of only stopping by on Sunday mornings for a special treat…I just can’t help myself.

But that may have changed yesterday.

I was at work when my daughter sends me a text message that read, “Dad, you got a box from Macy’s.”

This took me by surprise because we don’t really shop there. So, I called my daughter and asked her what this box was. I asked her if it was actually addressed to me, or was it by chance addressed to someone else and maybe delivered to our house by accident. She told me it was addressed to me and it was from Macy’s.

At this point my curiosity is peaked and I’m thinking to myself, “How did Macy’s make this mistake and send a package to me?” I asked her how big the box was, she says it’s actually a pretty big box.

Open it! (I exclaim!)

Upon opening the box, my other daughter quickly notices a note inside the box, they open it and read it to me.

Dear John & Star, thinking of you so enjoy a little Christmas in July. Love B & N. (I used the initials because I dodn’t want to give Barry & Nancy’s name away.)

Inside the box was a Keurig Special Addition coffee maker!

You see, a couple of weeks ago we were at some friend’s house (Scott & Judy) for dinner. They have a Keurig machine as well and we were all enjoying some wonderful coffees after dinner. I was sharing with the group there that I was really trying to cut back on going to Starbucks in an effort to save some money.

Turns out that Nancy, who was also at this dinner party, saw this as an opportunity to bless me and help me in saving my money by purchasing this awesome coffee maker for me.

I was texting her yesterday letting her know I was brewing my first cup of coffee and how much I appreciated their gift. Nancy wrote back to me, “I always try and listen for when God leads me to do something. He said, you gotta help this guy save his money instead of giving it to Starbucks! :)”

Brewing my first cup of coffee…and bonus, it’s Caribou (my favorite)!

I am so grateful for this coffee maker and I can already tell that Starbucks will be seeing much less of me in the future.

Thanks Barry & Nancy for your generosity, and for the love and support you have shown our family over the years we’ve known you. You are truly a blessing to our family in more ways than you’ll ever know. I pray that God opens up the windows of heaven and pours out a blessing on you that you’re not able to contain.

Okay, gotta run because my Keruig screen says it’s “Ready to Brew”!


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