I was driving down the road today returning to the church from lunch when I passed another church who had a Vacation Bible School banner out by the road advertising their upcoming VBS.

My first thought was, we too are doing a VBS…

My second thought was, Vacation Bible School….What???

What “genius” ever had the idea that kids who were on “summer vacation” would ever want to go to school?

Just Sayin’ 🙂


2 thoughts on “…what?

  1. Tiffany

    Agree on someone was pretty bad at program naming. They can certainly be fun though…looking for one to send my own kiddos to this summer!

  2. James Brown

    John, John, John. So many lessons you must learn young padawan. The name isn’t for the kids to get all excited about. It’s for the parents to get all excited about! All parents LOVE the feeling of sending their kids off to school. And sending them to a Bible school? No thought could be more satisfying. -Jedi Master James


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