I LOVE all the new worship music out there today. Love it!!!

Jesus Culture, New Life Worship, Gungor, Hillsong United, Kristian Stanfill, and the list could go on and on and on…

However I do have one complaint with most new worship music out there… Artists and songwriters are more and more often forgetting about the audience who will be singing their music. Sure it’s awesome when amazing professional singers belt out these amazing songs. Kim Walker, Jared Anderson, Brooke Fraiser, all have amazing voices with amazing vocal ranges.

Most people in churches…DO NOT!

Most people in churches are not professional singers, in fact, most people in church don’t know the first thing about singing correctly.

Yet most of today’s worship music that’s being written/recorded/produced (while it sounds amazing when sung by professionals) is no where near singable for the average person sitting in our churches. We just DO NOT have the vocal ranges needed, and I’m afraid that if something doesn’t change – people will stop singing along with us more than they already do.

My job, as a worship leader, is to help people connect with God through the songs I lead. If people find they cannot sing the songs I’m leading and they stop engaging in worship, how am I supposed to get them to connect to the God of the universe?

Help me out here songwriters?


One thought on “’s.vocal.range

  1. Paul

    So right, my friend. Even the volunteer worship leader struggles. Step one: Take recorded key down 4 half steps. Step 2: Find a guy that can sing the verse. Step 3: Find a gal that can sing the chorus.


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