This past Sunday was Easter Sunday and I was excited to play the worship set. However, in rehearsal it became evident that my guitar sounded like crap. Don’t really know what happened or why, but it sounded so bad that I put it down and hopped on the keyboard and led the entire worship set from keys.

Today I got the opportunity to break all my gear back out and work through what happened…the answer, I don’t have a clue. I did make a few minor adjustments to my amp today, but nothing major and everything sounds as it should.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity while I was in the sanctuary all alone to crank up the master volume, engage my Fulltone OCD pedal and have a rockin’ time of worship all by myself…and it was amazing!

I LOVE that I get to lead people in worship as my calling in life, it really is my driving passion and I’m thankful I get to do it vocationally.

By the way, here’s a guitar dream of mine. Someday I hope to have one of these!

Here I am playing one a couple of Easters back!


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