This past Sunday night we did a Night of Worship and it was just what the doctor ordered, especially for me and my current circumstances (see previous post). I really needed this night and it was such a God thing. We had scheduled this night to be a night of worship weeks before the news came down that I would need to begin a new job search. So in the midst of this bad news, this was a wonderful escape for me…and for the church.

I had some great friends join me on stage, Reg & Cheryl Simmons, Jared Pettinato, & Greg Slater. Pastor James opened the night with a nice devotion on worship, then we all, and when I say all I mean the whole church joined in this night of worship!

Here’s the setlist:

All Because of Jesus  |  God Is Alive  |  Rescue  |  Who Is Like You  |  Revelation Song  |  The Heart of Worship  |  How He Loves  |  Everlasting God

It was an awesome night of worship!


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