I’m hooked on getting better gear as it relates to my guitar tone…this may be my next pedal. I don’t have a compressor and I really need one. Any thoughts???

You can find more about these pedals on the JHS website – they are amazing pedals and offer amazing tone!

Come to think of it, if anyone wants to buy this for me…just let me know.  Hahaha


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  1. Bob Gontarz

    Don’t have a compressor!!?? YES, you really need one!!

    How do you expect to get those soaring single note runs to sound so smooth, hearing every beautiful note at the same volume. Not some notes jumping out in your face while other notes die out in the mud.

    As for chords, no wonder we can’t hear every string on a strum chord. The high strings jump out at you and the low strings… well they just vanish. You definitely need a good compressor, John. Show this to your wife.

    (: How’d I do? Ya’ think she’ll buy it? 🙂


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