my tattoo

A year and a half ago (or so) my wife was the first person in our family to get inked up. She had a simple, yet really cool, STAR tattooed on her ankle. It’s appropriate since her name is…Star. She had wanted a tattoo for a very long time and for Mother’s Day my kids decided that’s what they wanted to get her.

Later that same year, Kyle got his first tattoo for his 18th birthday. He got the word, LORD (written in Hebrew) tattooed on his forearm. We had a few long talks with Kyle about tattoos. It’s a well known phenomenon that once you get a tattoo, you easily get hooked and want to get more. We’ve met lots of kids and adults who got hooked and got lots of tattoos that meant nothing to them. Many even wish they could get rid of them (which you can, but it’s pricy and painful). We talked with him about the importance of only permanently marking your body with tattoos that actually mean something to your life.

This past Father’s Day, I too got my first tattoo, I had been wanting to get one for a while as well and one night Star showed me a tattoo idea on the internet and it clicked—it was what I wanted and I knew it. I hopped on my computer and designed a tattoo that is MUSIC NOTES that make a STAR. My two loves in life, my incredibly smokin’ hot wife and music together in one tattoo!

I am one of those guys who kinda got hooked—right away I wanted to get another tattoo—but I’ve held off for a while (again waiting on just the right thing that would mean something in my life). Today I got my second tattoo (pictured at the top of this post) and just in case you don’t get it, it’s musical notes/symbols and it spells the word MUSIC.

Here’s the coolest thing about getting my tattoo today.

A friend who lives in Hawaii is in town doing some tattoos while he’s here. Kat asked me if I was ready to begin and after saying yes, I was totally blown away. He started the process of giving me my tattoo by PRAYING. It was a really cool prayer, he prayed that as I was “marking my body with music – that I would leave a mark on the lives of those who I lead in worship.” It was an amazing moment and I was truly moved by the sincerity of his prayer.

Is that cool or what?!?!?

My son, Kyle, got his second tattoo today as well. Kyle was always incredibly close to Star’s father and a few years ago after he passed away, Star’s mom gave Kyle his wedding ring. His tattoo today is the design of his grandfather’s wedding ring around his arm and his grandpa’s signature along the bottom of the tattoo.

kyle's tattoo

My wife, who is a much better writer than I, has a great post on her blog about teenagers and tattoos. In fact, it’s been her highest viewed blog post from the day she posted it and it remains her most visited post still today. You can read it by clicking here. (As I’m writing this post, there are over 120 comments on this post alone—I’m guessing she has many more readers than I do.)


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