Help Me Get “ME” Out of the Way

I have been praying lately that God will help me get “ME” out of the way. All too often we find ourselves thinking about “ME” too much.

– What will happen to “ME”?

– What do people think about “ME”?

– Where will this leave “ME”?

– Who is watching out for “ME”?

This list can go on and on and on and on…

When we learn to get “ME” out of the way, we leave room for “GOD” in our lives. We may not be able to answer the questions listed above, what will happen to me, or what will people think about me?, but God knows the answers. God knows what’s going to happen to us. He knows who’s watching out for us. He is in control, even when it feels like our life may be spiraling out of control.

It’s easy when we are not going through difficult circumstances to advise others to trust in God, that He is in control. It’s not so easy to live by those same words when we are the ones going through difficult times. However, it’s then—when we are in the middle of hard times—that we need to get “ME” out of the way so “GOD” will have room to work in our lives what He has planned for us.

Dear Lord, please help me get “ME” out of the way, so You can move and live inside of me.


2 thoughts on “Help Me Get “ME” Out of the Way

  1. Terri

    I so can relate to this John! Ever since I was on life support in 2005 instead of being Thankful I did not pass, I have worried about the fear of what I went through, instead of being happy that I am still here to enjoy my kids and grand kids..oh and def my husband! He is the BEST! But most importantly, to Praise God to the fullest of my ability. I need prayer for this and I do tell myself ALL the time…..its ALL ABOUT YOU GOD! love you and your family bunches! Terri


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