You Are The God of My Story…

Tonight at SNE we focused a large portion of the service worshipping. It was a beautiful time of being in the presence of God. Pastor Jeff set the night up by letting people know that we were going to spend some time worshipping and that we were not going to rush through the worship set, but rather we were going to take time to “breathe” in our worship encounter.

We opened with a recently added song to our playlist, Arms Open Wide, it’s a great song with some powerful lyrics and people began immediately entering into worship. I want to focus this post though on the second song in our set, Breathe On Me (a song by Todd Fields). We introduced this song recently as the theme song of a series we did at Mesa First, and quite honestly we did the song to the point of me becoming very tired of it. It’s been a while though since we’ve done it so I pulled it out for tonight’s service. People were responding very well to this song and as we finished it, I was moved by two lines and wanted to break that down for you.

Here’s the lines: “Forever, You are the God of my story, write every line for Your glory.”

Wow! Are those powerful lines if you let them get into your soul. It does not matter what you are facing at this point in your life. You may have lost your job, maybe your facing losing your home. You could have recently lost a loved one, or maybe you’ve just been told you have a terminal illness. Maybe you had a really bad week at the office, maybe you don’t know how you’re going to buy a simple gallon of milk so your kids can have a bowl of cereal.

You may not have any idea where the road your traveling on today will take you. You may not be able to see “good” in the middle of all the “bad” happening around you.

Take heart!

Why? Because there is a God of your story! Every line He’s writing for His glory. You may not be able to see it now, it may not make any sense to you, possibly you don’t understand anything about what’s going on, but…

But God is writing the story of your life and every single line that He writes – He writes for His glory! He is still in control, He is a God who loves you, He will take care of you, He will be and is everything you’ll ever, ever, ever need!

You are the God of my story, You write every line for Your glory!


7 thoughts on “You Are The God of My Story…

  1. Travis Clark

    Great to see you blogging again.

    SNE worship was pretty much awesome tonight man. Hope you know how much Jena and I appreciate you and your ministry. You’re the man!


  2. Tara

    Loved this! Seems like every time I turn around these past few weeks, God is reminding me – through songs, scriptures, sermons, devotions – that He is with me (us) through the valleys. He is faithful, He has a plan, He is in control, and He has not forgotten me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He sees the big picture and I cannot. I MUST trust Him! I have no other choice. Who else will I go to? Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!

  3. Melanie

    What a great Blog. I am glad that you updated it. I really enjoy what you write. It was great worship both in the morning and at night. Thanks Pastor John.

  4. Lisa Baker

    Powerful words. Made me cry. You are so right, no matter what any of us are going through, knowing that our Heavenly Father is watching out for us ALWAYS (makes me think of Switchfoot’s song Always–future post idea) makes the road of life easier to bare. Great post! 🙂


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